Target Fidget Spinners Have Lead In Them!?

Target Fidget Spinners Have Lead ?!

By Jackie Greene

this is not the target fidget spinner lead
By ian dooley on Unsplash -  Not Target's lead fidget spinner
OK Parents, I just read this article that said the fidget spinners from Target has lead! Which ones have lead? Does anyone know more about this? 

How Much Lead Does Target's Fidget Spinners Have? 

According to tests, the PIRG has pointed the finger at Target  for selling at least two of its fidget spinner models with very high levels of lead. We don't know how much exactly, only that federal laws have a limit of 100 ppm of lead in children's toys. 

Target's Argument To Keep Selling Fidget Spinners With Lead

The article's headline insists that Target says the fidget spinners that have lead weren't for kids - but who else would they be for, and why would they ever have lead in them!


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