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Welcome to Camp Butterfly Girls Int'l, Inc.


Imagine a safe space where young people can learn and grow beyond measure. Camp Butterfly University is an institution of Camp Butterfly Girls International, Inc. We are a nonprofit established in the state of Georgia. Our mission is to help improve the quality of life of children worldwide. We serve girls ages 7-12 and their families through quality education and programs that support in the loving development of the whole person, build self-esteem, and whole life education. Programs and services specifically for boys coming soon.

We sit children in classrooms to learn math, reading, and science with little to no knowledge about themselves, their changing bodies and emotions, or coping strategies to deal with their trauma. This disconnect with the holistic growth has a direct impact on our children's ability to learn in these traditional education environments. Time for a new paradigm; imagine a world where all children feel emotionally secure and empowered...imagine how much more they will learn and achieve with this foundation of love, joy, and wisdom.

Courses and Events

Weekly Course (9 Weeks) | Saturdays,  (September 18 - November 13, 2021

Love Me Tender Pages is a safe and loving place for young girls (ages 7-12 or entering puberty) to discuss, to navigate and to understand the pubescent period they are blessed to go through on their journeys to becoming young women, or “Queens of their Castle''. Love Me Tender is a loving and gentle reminder of the amazing tools of excellent self-care that God has given her to keep her connected to God and secure through her journey of life.


The tools provided in the Love Me Tender Pages course serve as a reminder of little things we can do daily, or in the event of an emergency, to keep us connected to God.

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Monthly Virtual Discussion

Please join our team for a virtual discussion for women and girls to discuss all things female. This is our time to strengthen bonds, establish healthy lines of communication, as well as answer questions and get clarity of everything that's learned in the Love Me Tender Course. Roundtable discussion days and dates are Friday nights in April and May.

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Pink Party (Saturday, November 13, 2021, 11 am-12:30 pm EST ZOOM)


When a girl enters puberty, this is a rites of passage into womanhood. It is our way and custom to honor this period of life through education, empowerment, and ceremony. After the journey through the 19 week Love Me Tender Course, we celebrate the gathering of tools and wisdom through sacred gatherings and celebration.


Girls, mothers, guardians, aunties, cousins, grandmas and friends adorn themselves and young women entering wombmanhood. We support participants who completed the course which has prepared them for a new role and chapter in her life. Celebrate with us and support in bringing in a new stage of health, love, and joy.