About Camp Butterfly Girls Int'l

In April 2009, Jaheem went home, handed his mother a report card full of A's and went upstairs and hung himself. This sparked founder of Camp Butterfly Girls Int'l, Jamilah Shakir, to put action behind her passion for the safety and overall wellbeing of our children. She looked at the statistics for for children of color, their trauma, and how this trauma is left unaddressed, often ridiculed, and often ignored. She created the programs of Camp Butterfly Girls International, Inc. to support children in addressing their trauma early in life by offering coping strategies and awareness programs.

We started with a one (1) week summer camp and a small group of girls. Parents paid whatever they could and Jamilah along with clients, family, and friends funded the rest. Camp Butterfly Girls International received overwhelming responses from parents and the girls who wanted more. Hence, the fledgling “caterpillar” blossomed into monthly enrichment sessions, family retreats, and online programs which we now lovingly refer to as Camp Butterfly Girls International! 

We have expanded our program to encourage our girls to participate regularly in philanthropic works and service to humanity. Projects have included: monthly visits of reading to senior citizens at Golden Living Senior Center; participants purchasing personal care items and book bags for KaKenya Center of Excellence Girls School Enoosean, Kenya.

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life of children worldwide.


To help co-create a world where health, love, and joy are the norm.



  1. Improve academic performance.

  2. Improve behavioral performance.

  3. Increase positive coping skills.

  4. Improve parental support and participation.

  5. Improve relationships between students, parents, and educators.

About Love Me Tender 9 Week Rites of Passage Program

Founded in 2020, Love Me Tender course was established as a higher learning center in emotional intelligence for youth of all ages. The course is adopted from the book Love Me Tender Pages authored by Jamilah Shakir in 2011.


Our mission is to help improve the quality of life of youth worldwide. Our commitment ito our mission inspires all of our courses and programs. 

Our courses are carefully curated and include the following:

  • life skills 

  • coping skills 

  • self-care 

  • hygiene

  • self-love

  • yoga

  • meditation 

  • coming of age

  • organization skills

  • self-esteem building

Book Reviews

Dear Little Sister,

‘I am honored to introduce you to your “ Love Me Tender Pages” because I was once a girl just like YOU. Life is a complex experience at ANY age.


You holding this book gives me hope that you will know how to live through life’s ups and downs with more grace."

~ India Arie

“Jamilah does a superb job of offering sound advice and practice
that should be used by girls AND their mothers.”

~Dr. Cassandra Newkirk

“Love Me Tender Pages” is a beautiful manual for womanhood. Jamilah
Shakir’s pearls of wisdom offer guidance to young sisters and
seasoned matriarchs, alike.


This loving manuscript highlights the
honor and power of the feminine, and reminds us all to nurture our
spirits and the glorious vessels that house them.”

~ Judge Fatima El-Amin

Events & Workshops
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About The Book

"Love Me Tender Pages...Calendar, Journal, and Life Lessons Through Virtues" is a manual that provides step by step and daily tools for girls to progress through puberty and beyond with grace. The care in sharing details  and diagrams of biological changes, emotional changes, self-care and wellness tools supports feminine beings in making healthy lifelong decisions.


Serving as a loving guide into adulthood, "Love Me Tender Pages" provides a solid foundation for girls and women of all ages to see and feel their Universal value.

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About Jamilah Shakir (Author)

Jamilah Shakir set the intentions to plan her ‘daily to do list’ by her mission in life: to inspire and provide tools that help people, particularly children, discover and pursuit his/her highest good and to get straight to the business of doing God’s work with excellence.


Since that time she has:

  • Founded the non-profit Camp Butterfly Girls International, Inc. in 2010

  • Founded Sacred Health Movement in 2017

  • Facilitates life skills classes

  • Hosts global retreats

  • Authored the book, "Love Me Tender Pages" in 2014

Her intent is to reach more girls and families to expand her mission worldwide.

Jamilah is also author of the book, "I Can Do My Own Nappy Hair". She is a yoga enthusiast, loves cooking and teaching others about living healthy, loves writing, flying kites, hiking, glamping, and life itself.


Her fovorite quote is: Bob Marley: ‘live the life you love and love the life you live.’

Her favorite book is: "The Fall of Freddie The Leaf" by Leo Boscaglia

She is a passionate world traveler and has educated and shared what she is passionate about globally. She is a loyal mother, sister, friend, and servant. Jamilah is happy to make Atlanta, Georgia her home-base and God’s spacious earth her classroom.

She was inspired by her daughter, Amani, to author "Love Me Tender Pages".

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About Ms. Ankhet Williams (Facilitator)

Ms. Williams has a passion for education, particularly educating children which she has been active in nationally and internatinally for the past 7 years. She also has a passion for the arts, culture, and poetry.


Most of all, she is passionate about self-love, self-care, and radical self acceptance. Throughout the Love Me Tender Pages course she wants to encourage students to develop their passion for things they love.